Friday, July 10, 2009

Why does this have to be so hard??

I'm back at work today. My youngest daughter Emily had a fever on Wednesday so we took her to the doctor and she ended up having an ear infection. She was good yesterday but I stayed home with her. It was fun just being me and her but I was not on track. =( I have to be better at home. Bad me. And a better role model. How can I give the kids water and then drink a diet soda myself?? ugh.

I'm learning. And I'm learning the healthy things taste better than a lot of the junky things. Baby steps right? I did c25k last night! I couldn't the night before since dh didn't get home until almost 9pm with Emily since he took her to the doctor. But I have been swimming every night. Connor is in swim classes and I'm dragging him around the pool for a 1/2 hour while he kicks, moves and jumps. It's definitely a workout for my arms! LOL! Today is supposed to be a rest day for me but I may just run anyway since I missed Wed. We'll see.

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