Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finished my 5K!

And I did better than my last! Woo Hoo!!! Here are the results:

Bib: 868
Name: Heather
Gender: F
Age: 33
Overall: 384 out of 408
Women: 158 out of 172
F 30-39: 34 out of 37
Age/Grade: 36.38% Place: 386
Finish: 40:53
Pace: 13:10
Tag Time: 40:53
Gun Time: 41:22

Almost a full min better than last time. And I would have finished faster if it hadn't been so hot. At the end on the final stretch, the sun was just beating down on us and there was no shade. So i have lots more to work to but I'm hoping to finish in under 40 mins on my next 5k!

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