Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Well . . .

Um. The 4th of July was fun! Did I follow any kind of eating better?? Not really. I did bring a lot of fruit to the potluck! I also ate a lot of celery (yes it was dunked in ranch though). I also ran around after the twins a lot. But I did not exercise and I had donuts for breakfast. ugh. But I got back on track. I ran last night. Week Two of the c25k program. My 5k is July 25th. No i won't go through the whole program before then but since I've done 2 5ks previously I'm ok with that. But I need to make sure I get my butt in gear or it's not gonna happen and that is NOT an option.

As of July 1st in the state of CA restaurants have to publish their calories on menus. Oh boy. Dh and I were off yesterday (preschool shopping for my son) and went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I looked at their menu and was like, what the heck! The scary part. The Chicken Tequila Fetticini (we all know that SOUNDS fattening) is about 1300 calories. The scarier part. The BBQ Chicken Chopped salad i sometimes get is about 1300 calories! YIKES!!! Very eye opening. Will it get people to change their ways? Um, not sure. Some it will. Me it definitely will. Unless I'm celebrating a special occasion then it's ok. LOL!

So I'm back on track today. I'm down 0.8 lbs from last week. I'll take it. Gonna exercise the rest of this week and get my water in (having a hard time getting water in at home and that shouldn't be the case as I make the kids drink water. sigh). Need to work on.

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