Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I lost

I did lose 3 lbs this week. WOO HOO!! It seems that when we go camping, I lose weight. Probably because I'm so busy running after the kids and attending to them I don't have time to eat. I never ate lunch on Saturday (or Friday I think). I really didn't snack at all. I did get some exercise in as we took the jogging stroller and I put the girls in it and walked around in the dirt for a little. It was hard. Pushing that thing in the soft dirt.

I've got all my meals planned. Hopefully we can stick to it. This is dh's first week on the job. I'm shocked he didn't just want me to go pick up dinner last night becaue he was STARVING since he didn't eat lunch yesterday. But we had steak leftover from camping that never got grilled because it was too windy that we HAD to make yesterday. So I broiled it in the oven. Came out really good. =) That's the first time I've ever broiled in my life. LOL! We really need to get our grill back from my BIL.

I'm figuring since dh gets out of work early now, come the summer, I'll plan more grilling. He can grill while the kids run around outside. And it's much healthier for you too. I just need to find some good marinades and rubs and experiment. YUM!

Well, this week isn't turning out too hot for me. I've come down with a cold and when that happens all I want to do is eat. UGH. Hopefully I don't ruin my good loss last week with an even bigger gain this week. =(

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Hayley said...

Yay for your 3 pound loss!!! Woo-hoo!!!! I think I've had a pretty good week this week.......we'll find out when I weigh in tomorrow (Wednesday) morning!! Keep it up!!