Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Exercise Plan

So my running guru (Love ya Jen!) gave me a site that basically gives you a workout schedule based on what you want to train for. Well as you all know I am so NOT ready for a 1/2 marathon yet so I figured I should train for a 10k. So I set up my schedule and I'm starting this week. I started tonight actually. 2 miles. It wasn't too bad. I like this schedule. I believe it is doable. I printed it out and it's hanging next to the calendar on the refrigerator so even dh knows when I need to exercise. NO EXCUSES. I can do this.

In other news it does no appear that I will be doing my 5k that I wanted to do March 15th. Instead we are going camping. Oh well. There is another 5k April 18 so I'll plan for that one instead. It's a good thing I live where I do as there a lots of races to choose from. But it is hard to find a 10k I'll tell you!

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