Monday, February 02, 2009

My 5K

My 5K went pretty good. Especially considering I didn't really train for it. I finished 2 mins FASTER than my last 5K. YEAH! It was pretty cool running along Pacific Coast Highway with no traffic on it looking out at the ocean. And I got a cool surfboard medal. So I'm happy. I'll definitely do this one again next year. I just like the medal! My shins were KILLING me about 1 mile into it. Probably because we are running on asphalt? Don't know. I do know I had to walk 4 times during the race. =( Not too happy about that. But again, I did NOT train right for this. I also screwed up at the end. They were telling us 5K women to the right and 5K men to the left and we went through that area and I thought that was the end so I started walking. Look up and there is the big 'ol finish line banner about 200 yards ahead. Oh well. Maybe I would have finished under 40 mins had I not screwed up. Live and Learn, live and learn right? Here are my finish details:

Runner Details
Race Results
Bib: 17755
Name: Heather Singh
Gender: F
Age: 32

Overall: 1819 out of 2508
Women: 1085 out of 1621
F 30-34: 214 out of 290
Age/Grade: 35.90% Place: 1918
Finish: 41:20 Pace: 13:19
Tag Time: 41:20
Gun Time: 44:34

Now I have 6 weeks to GET ready for my next one. I'm hoping to finish in under 40 mins this time so I need to get going! No more slacking off!!!!

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