Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I'm horrible about blog titles so forgive the title today. =) I ran last night. Felt so good! I have 6 weeks until my next 5K (i need to sign up for it but I'm spending too much money lately so I need to wait a couple weeks). So I decided to jump in the c25k program at week 3. Doing that for me isn;t bad because I've been running. Maybe not consistently but I've been running. I'd really like to get faster but not sure how to train to get faster (mental note: look that up). So anyway, I also figured out that if I want to run a 10k this year that I also need to up my mileage each week so I decided to run 3 miles last night. Well I don't run the whole thing it's a jog/walk thing. Since the c25k was over right around 2 miles I switched my iPod to my music vs. the cues that Suz's podcast provides (check her out at especially if you like hip hop music!) and continued jog/walking. Finished in about 41 mins which included my warm up and cool down. YEAH!!

Then I also woke up at 4am (almost wanted to hit snooze for another 3 times but didn't) and decided to do my Turbo Jam again. I'll do yoga tomorrow morning. Connor wanted to exercise with me last night. I'm hoping to go for a walk/run with him tonight after dinner. Dh can put the twins to bed and we'll head out. I'd like to see if he can handle 1/2 a mile. If he can, I can sign up both up for the next 5k since they have a 1 mile kids run. Every kid gets a medal at the end and I KNOW he would LOVE that. I just love that I am instilling in him a love for exercise!!

And I also like to shout out to Hayley over at Happy Hawkeye Homeschool House. We are going to be keeping each other accountable and GETTING TO GOAL TOGETHER!!!! So keep checking back for our progress. =)

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Hayley said...

Whoot! Whoot! Yay for you for getting up and working out!! I used to be a morning person until I had kids, now I can't seem to get my butt out of bed. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my workout in in the mornings! Baby steps....I'll try to get up early to workout 3 days this week! Also, I don't run. Kudos to you for jogging/running! Wish I could...maybe in time...I'll have to work up to that!!