Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend

Not really fun not really not fun. After the ER trip, Taylor kept complaining that she was pooping but wasn't. Ugh. So we went home (had a good Saturday afternoon though) and I took her to the doc again. Yes, she has a big poop in there so I had to do the fun thing of doing the suppository (sorry TMI) up her butt. Sure did help. And no wonder it wouldn't come out. It was rock hard. Poor thing. So she is still complaining a little so I kept her home from daycare today. Sent the other two kids. She's doing fine. Hasn't really pooped again but I did give her some stool softener to keep helping her. So needless to say a stressful weekend. Thankfully I didn't have time to eat so I'm still OP.  Whew. Just no exercise. I think that will be my constant battle. Well hopefully tomorrow (once I WI) this will turn more back to a weightloss journal! It's kinda taken a turn differently sorry!!! But it is what is causing me stress which in turn makes me eat. :sigh:


Actual Scale said...

I think weight loss blogs have to be life story blogs because our changes, our eating, our workouts are all helped & hindered by our 'real lives' so no worries that you have to get it out here.

Sorry about the sucky weekend. No one wants a sick baby. Hope she is back to normal soon.

Best wishes,

Christine said...

My girls both have had that same problem but luckily I never had to take it that far. I hope everything regulates out! Poor baby.

Hope next week is better and Lynn's comment says it best -- sometimes you gotta just put it out there to destress. ♥

~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

I can relate to your poop frustrations... Hannah has been taking Miralax since she was 9 months old...we use to have "help" it come out!! :( She takes a dose every other day now but the doctors say she could grow out. HUGS!