Monday, October 26, 2009

Weighing In!

Well I weighed in today. After this weekend, not that I did bad, I wasn't expecting much. I got on the scale and it said . .. . 155.2. I was like cool. 0.8 lbs. I'll take that!! That's almost 1 lb. Then I got to work. And I looked at my weight last week. It was 158 NOT 156 like I thought. Holy cow! That means I lost 2.8 lbs!!! Yee haw!!! I will be in the low 150's next week. I will I will I will!!!! =)

But since I brought it up. What was my weekend like? Well dh and I were fighting and that is never good. I either don't eat (that's the norm) or eat junk (that's the norm if I have junk food in the house). Thankfully I didn't have junk food in the house. We are sort of made up but there are underlying issues he needs to deal with that he keeps putting on me that I can't help him with. Hopefully he figures it out soon.

So anyway, Friday was an ok day. I had that funeral to go to which meant we went out to lunch and like I said on Friday I should have picked better but didn't do too bad. I didn't end up eating anything for dinner so was OP that day. I know I know. Not good.

Saturday we woke up and I ate my breakfast (vitatop and cool whip free) and then we headed out to do the family pictures. Got done with those. Went and got the H1N1 shots for the family since BIL called and had found a place that had them and then picked up McDonald's on the way home. I ended up only eating 4 chicken nuggets because dh and I were fighting and by the time I got to eat, the fries were GROSS. Made up with dh and then had friends over that night and ordered pizza and salad for dinner. I only had salad but I ate their full fat ranch dressing. It was GOOD though.

Sunday woke up and ate breakfast (I had two Holey Donuts). Then I had to run to Costco so took my son with me. Got back and fed the kids grilled cheese. I started nibbling on the grilled cheese. Had 1/2 a sandwich that was leftover from the kids and then Connor and I went to the birthday party down the street. I ate some vegetables there with dip (which I'm sure the dip was NOT good but the cucumbers tasted SO GOOD! I could have eaten them all day long LOL!). I did not have any of the sandwiches or pizza. We left the birthday party and then we went to the Halloween party. I ate basically the Costco Lemon cake and that was it. When we got home, I was hungry sort of. Wanted something sweet and since I hadn't been "bad" I ate an ice cream. But that wasn't doing it for me so I finished the night off with the last piece of pizza leftover from Saturday night with ranch dressing to dip in (and not fat free!). And I was like 1/2 way done eating the pizza and feeling sick. But i finished it. WHY?!?!  What have I learned?? In situations like this I HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN! I've been here before. I had a plan. I SUCCEEDED!! I did not succeed last night. I'm probably ok calorie wise but that's not good enough. I should have done better. And November is going to be horrible! I have birthday party the 7th. A Graduation party the 14th. A birthday party the 15th and Thanksgiving. YIKES!!! So needless to say I will have to plan in November. I guess it's a good thing this happened now instead of before LOTS of events when I could say F*** It and just go on an all out eating spree. I will NOT let that happen.

So not sure what this means for next weeks WI. I guess only time will tell. The good so far this month? I've lost 11 lbs AND I have had NO Halloween candy. That WILL continue. =) AND I will get in some exercise on Saturday doing the trick or treat thing. Yeah!!

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