Friday, October 16, 2009

This N That

Last night I had my Mothers of Multiples Meeting.  They usually feed us so I checked to see what they were serving and it just said snacks. Since I had to pick up dinner for dh I picked up Subway for him and myself. I hate 1/2 of my sandwich and saved the other 1/2 for lunch today. =) Since I had already eaten it was easy to resist all the snacks. At one point I was talking to another MOM who was munching and I looked down and saw pretzels so I ate ONE. LOL! It was easy though since we were busy tying up no sew fleece blankets for a philanthropic thing we were doing. It was fun.

This morning I splurged. I like to do that sometimes on Fridays since it is Friday. =) I had TWO Holey Donuts. I am FULL AND it is still lower than having one regular donut! Yeah! Do I think they are worth the price?? Um, if you get them on sale, yes. I just hate that shipping is so high since they have to ship them frozen.
Our plans for the weekend are the Pumpkin patch. Should be fun. My MIL is coming over Saturday and dh and I are going to go out. Maybe dinner (OP of course!!!) and a movie. Then we'll bring her to the pumpkin patch on Sunday and meet up with my BIL and neice (not sure if his wife will come or not). It should be fun. Hopefully the kids aren't too crazy! Oh yeah and I'm wearing my Dockers today that I couldn't fit into two weeks ago!!! =) Well I could barely button them up and right now I'm sitting down COMFORTABLY. Yeah!!!!


Mandie said...

Again girl, I'm so super proud of you!!! You did fantastic last night, and wasn't tempted at all! WOWOWOWOW! Yum on the Holey Donuts, I suppose I should look into them :) Way to go on the Dockers, I know how awesome that feels. I have a closet waiting for me to get back into!!!

Have a fantastic weekend girl!!!! Can't wait to hear about your weigh in come Monday!

South Beach Steve said...

Grats on the NSV! It is great to be in clothes that used to not fit!

Christine said...

Congrats on the Dockers and staying OP for the Mother's Meeting. Planning to eat before you get there, good strategy. ♥