Friday, October 02, 2009

Weekend Plans

Going to be extremely busy this weekend so I need to plan in order to make it through unscathed! =) I have my mulitples group garage sale where I'm selling a bunch of stuff. Hopefully I can make $100 or so. That is running from 7am - Noon. Then I have a wedding to go to at 5pm that day where we will be served dinner. On Sunday, we will bring the motorhome home and dh will be spending all day washing and getting it ready for our camping trip next weekend so I'll be watching the kids all day. So what are my plans for this weekend?
  • Eat bagel and cream cheese for breakfast before I leave.
  • Bring my water bottle filled with ice and water for something to drink.
  • Bring an apple for snack in the morning, if needed.
  • Bring a salad (leftover from dinner last night) for lunch when I'm getting ready to leave the garage sale. That way I'm not tempted to stop at McD's on the way home to pick up lunch!
  • Eat a snack before I head out to the wedding AND finish drinking my water for the day (which is another filling of my water bottle from earlier).
  • At the wedding, I chose steak for my meal. Eat HALF ONLY!!! Keep half of everything on my plate (except for the veggies).
  • If I want to drink (which may be doubtful. I drink but I'm not much of a drinker plus I have to drive home) only have ONE diet coke and rum.
  • Dance Dance Dance at the wedding. =)
I'm not "too" worried about Sunday. I tend to not eat a lot when I'm at home with the kids because I'm running around with them. It's supposed to be a cool day though with the possibilty of rain (highly doubtful though) so we may want to stay inside. That means finding games and such for the kids to do. Hmmm. But I'm still pretty good about my food and water when we stick to home so I'm not worried about that.

I WILL stick to my plan. I may print it out so I can look at my points and cross them off when I'm done. Oh, good idea! And I'll report back on Monday (if not earlier!) about how I did!!!


Mandie said...

Wonderful plan girl! I'm proud of you for creating sticking with it! Have you got all those 100 calorie snacks OUT OF THE HOUSE? That might be a good idea before Sunday...just in case! Oh, and I looked at your food journal for the week...AWESOME job girl!!! How many cals do you aim for/day? You're simply doing amazing! SO PROUD OF YOU!

Hadley said...

That sounds like a busy but also fun weekend. Good luck at the garage sale and have a great time at the wedding!

Actual Scale said...

Good planning!

Best of luck with the sale - I've heard those mulitples sales get crazy. :)

Have fun dancing at the wedding!


South Beach Steve said...

It looks like a great plan for the weekend! Good luck with the sale.

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great idea! I need to make a plan for this weekend also because I'm busy doing family stuff. Lunches and dinners will be eating out so need to make sure I stay on track.

Thanks for the motivation!

Christine said...

Hope everything went well! Good game plan.