Thursday, October 01, 2009

Super Busy

Yesterday I was out of the office all day in meetings. Talk about a hectic day. It took me two hours- TWO HOURS to get home. I believe the distance was 30 miles. Gotta love LA traffic. So needless to say I did
not blog yesterday. I did not get to anyone's blog either. I will today on my lunch break. Yesterday since I was gone all day, I ate lunch out. We went to souplantation. I was not entirely good. but I think i was able to salvage the day. Barely. I ended up going to subway for dh for dinner and I did not eat. Oh well. I made a
conscious choice when I ate out not to be good and I have to suffer the consequences right? So today will be better! I promise. =)


Hadley said...

And I totally just commented over on your other blog without realizing and was like "Wow heather changed her layout!"

Sorry to hear about all the icky traffic and hectic days. Just keep on muddling through: it's almost the weekend!

Christine said...

I lived in San Diego for 4 yrs. Of all the things I miss, the traffic is not one of them!!!


Fat Chick said...

I can honestly say I don't miss CA traffic. I complain when there are two cars at the stop sign now.

Just flying in to southern CA makes my stress level soar. I don't think I could ever go back to living that way.

It's nice being able to make choices and know that you're in control -- good or bad. :)

Kathryn said...

OC traffic can be pretty bad, too, but fortunately i don't hit it that often.

I'm only in OC for a couple days. Some days (especially near Christmas when folks are rude & no one even makes eye contact) i find myself saying over & over, "I hate Orange County, i hate Orange County"!

I was surprised at your comment on Soup Plantation - my thought was "how can you be bad at Soup Plantation?" But then i remembered the breads & all. Since i'm gluten-free vegetarian & don't eat artificial sweeteners, the only bad for me is their "soft serve" ice stuff. My diet is already so limited that sometimes it is hard to be bad, not that i'm losing weight.

Don't beat yourself up. You've been doing wonderfully! Good luck with keeping it up. :)