Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not really in the mood

To blog. Yesterday Taylor started with a fever. Since we are out
camping we packed everything up this morning but ended up deciding to
go to the ER that is about 33 mins from here. So I spent all morning
at the ER for them to tell me it's a virus and there is nothing I can
do. So I came back to camp. Good thing we didn't go home? She was
acting fine the entire time. :sigh: Her fever was down when I took it
before she went to bed but I've also been doing Tylenol/Motrin since
we got back. But this is the lowest it's been since she first started
with it even with medication. But all in all today was a much better
day than yesterday. Go figure. Although I have to say, I'm looking
forward to going home tomorrow.


Mrs. Sheila said...

I am very sorry your trip hasnt' turned out like you had planned. I pray you have a wonderful Sunday.

South Beach Steve said...

Heather, I am sorry to read this. I hope today turns out to be an outstanding last day camping.

Mandie said...

Oh no...poor Taylor. So sorry that your camping fun weekend didn't turn out as fun as you wanted. What a bummer. Hope she starts to feel better soon. (((huggs)))