Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Goals - How Did I Do??

Well - it's been a full year since I came up with my 2009 goals. The only way to really see how far you've come - is to look back - review - evaluate - and come back with new and improved goals that will help me to reach my goals. Some I've accomplished, some I need to work on some more. So let's see how I did!!!

2009 Goals

1. GET TO GOAL! (serious - no joking this year!) Well, I did NOT reach my goal. However, I did lose 25.2 lbs this year. Not bad. I am in virgin territory so I'm happy!

2. Run 6 5k's (approximately one every other month) Well, I did run 3 this year with a better time each run. =) Life got in the way but I will not be dissapointed in saying I ran 3 5ks in 2009!

3. Run a 10K this year. Nope. Did not do this. I'm a little dissapointed but I just did not have the capability to train for this this year. As my kids get older, I should be better equipped.

4. Exercise 4x's a week. This is still not a habit. As the year draws to a close, I am getting better but exercise is definitely something I need to work on in 2010.

5. Scrapbook at least once a month. Wow. I so did not do this. I am so bad. I thought I would have time but did not. I was also running out of memory on my laptop. I know have an external hard drive for my projects and no excuse. Scrapbooking will be part of my goals next year.

6. Plan meals every week. I can honestly say I did this about 60% of the year. Something I still struggle with occasionally (usually only when I'm not OP) but for the most part, I am happy with my progress on this and the habits it's become for the most part.

7. JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL When I'm OP, I journal. When I'm not, I don't. I did really great at this and I have no excuse for not journaling since I have my iPhone. Need to get back into this.

8. No more diet soda - it's expensive (I can save money) and not great for you. Ha! I did great the first couple month or two. Will need to eliminate it. Water is so much better. Will have to just say no to buying it even if my MIL is over (she drinks this like water which is why I had it on hand but then I started drinking it and voila. Got back in the habit again). Need to eliminate next year.

9. Use my crockpot at least once a month. I think I used my crockpot twice this year. Need to utilize it more in 2010.

10. Watch less TV. I think I can honestly say YES. I remember in 2007 and 2008 freakin' out because I was running out of DVR space and had TONS to watch. This year I can't think of a single time that happened. I can think of the tons of time when I didn't have ANYTHING to watch and that's when I need to start scrapbooking!! I consider this goal COMPLETE!!!!

11. Organize my home. (one room each month will take me 9 months so I may take two months on like the kitchen which is bigger). Well, unfortunately my work schedule had to change due to dh's job switch so I did not have free time like I had hoped. So I did one room in January and then was not able to complete a single room since. This will be a goal in 2010.

12. Read 12 books this year (one a month). YES! And then some! I got back into the reading habit! That was my main reasoning for this goal! This goal is COMPLETE!

So I for sure completed 2 goals this year. I am happy with that. The others I made great progress and they changed my habits. Now to just instill them even further to make them permanent habits and I will happy! So here's to another year of reaching for your goals! Stay tuned for my 2010 goals!!!!


Christine said...

Completely awesome progress. And that is completely awesome that you have this list to go back to! I am going to steal your idea, I need a list. ♥

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