Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review - Chris Dreams BIG

Chris Dreams BIG by former NBA star Chris Dudley and his wife Chris Love-Dudley is a fabulous read for any child young and old! It's about Chris who finds out he is sick and diagnosed with diabetes. If your child is diagnosed with diabetes, I HIGHLY suggest this book. Even if your child does not have diabetes, this is still a great read to show any child that they can do anything if they work hard! My son is 4 and he has no idea what diabetes is. When I read this book to him, I basically change the words and just say that Chris is sick instead of has diabetes. That is something he will understand at his age versus diabetes. As he gets older, I can explain to him what it is. But this book helps him to see that even if you are sick or have obstacles in your way, you CAN overcome them. It's also a great tool for teaching about acceptance of all people.

I have to say my son's favorite part of this book is the life size hand print and foot print of Chris Dudley. =) Every time we read it, he compares his hand and foot and I tell him, if he works hard like Chris did, he can get that big too.

This book is great for any age child. A truly great read about overcoming obstacles and being accepting of all people!!

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