Monday, December 28, 2009

The Universe is Against Me

I swear, I cannot catch a break!!! So I did not get to do Turbo Jam Thursday or Friday last week. I had the BEST of intentions but you gotta give me a break - it was Christmas Eve and Christmas day PLUS I had a sick child. Ugh. So I was hoping to make them up on Saturday and Sunday but alas, that sick child got in the way there too. So this morning I woke up and was PREPARED, no matter WHAT. And of course my son wakes up and says his leg hurts and can he lay in my bed. Well our other sick child (the one from the week before was ok and her twin sister is now sick) is in bed with Daddy so I didn't want Connor in there to bug them. So I laid down with him after giving him some motrin. Thankfully he went back to sleep, I was only 10 mins behind schedule and I did it!!! =) So I'm back on track.

The old Heather would have stopped my TJ challenge since I missed two days last week. Not the new Heather!! =D Just because I missed those days doesn't mean I have to stop. I can still make them up. I could make them up in a week, two weeks or not at all. What matter is I keep going!!!! Now if only my kids would get healthy.


South Beach Steve said...

Good work on going through with the workout, even though it would have been easy to rationalize a reason why you shouldn't. Hopefully the sick kids will get well soon.

Mandie said...

Woohooo!! Way to go on doing it this morning. You're definitely a NEW HEATHER :)