Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trucking Along

I woke up and did Turbo Jam again. YEAH!! Tomorrow is going to be the killer though. I am SO TIRED. Thankfully the kids were ok this morning and even though Connor was a straight on grouch (well so was Emily but once she was UP she was fine) I did not lose my patience with them this morning. =) And I got to sleep on the train ride in. Whew!

My eating is still out of control though. =( And I don't see an end in sight until next week because we are so busy this week. I am proud of myself for making dinner last night even though I so didn't want to. I still had to do the kids laundry and towels (so that was three loads), get the baked goods tagged for the kids Holiday boutique tonight, made dinner and did dishes. Whew. It was a LONG night. I so didn't feel like cooking but I made myself. But tonight is going to be so rushed I'm just going to pick up dinner on the way home.

Then I have my Multiples Christmas party Thursday night and my work Christmas party Friday night. Then on Saturday I can relax! Wednesday I have to make cookies for Friday and my mom is coming into town on Friday and leaving Tuesday. So busy!! And I'm still not done with some gifts i need to make and i still need to wrap presents. So much to do and not enough time in the day to do it. YIKES!!!

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Christine said...

I love the book reviews, will have to put those on my library list!

Keep at it with the Turbo Jam and you'll do fine. I don't want to win the challenge I am HOSTING!!! Lol! I came in last place for Sheila's spring challenge so I am just tickled to be in second. ;)