Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Presents

Oh! I got some COOL Christmas presents this year. SO SO excited!!!! Let's see, I got the Wii Fit Plus game (already had the Wii Fit), got the EA Active game for Wii and the Biggest Loser Wii game!! Now I just need to find time to use them. LOL! And my big present - drumroll - the P90x DVDs!!!! Wow!!! I will Totally be doing those after my TJ challenge! I am so excited!! I know they are hard but I'm ready to have a good toned body and be in the best shape of my life. I am so ready!!!

Speaking of my TJ challenge. I was up way early this morning (we are talking 3:25am!) so I decided to just get up. Since tomorrow's workout was a good 60 mins, I switched today and tomorrow's workout. Boy am I glad I did. I might not have been able to do both workouts tomorrow but knew I had the time this morning to do it. Nothing wrong with that! I'm working the program to fit MY schedule! That is what I have been doing wrong all these years. I've been trying to work this stuff "by the books". Well, my schedule is anything BUT by the books and you know what?? That's OK! I just have to make it work for me and I think I've proven I can. I'm very proud of myself.

Now I just need to get my eating back in control. I'm slowly getting there. Working on my meal plan for January. Baby steps. I know by not eating out and taking control, I will lose this weight, keep it off and save money too! And boy do I need to. After December I feel like I'm hemorraging money! I need to save a good chunck in January. And I can. It all rolls together. Less eating out, less diet soda's = more money in the bank. =) I'll be back probably tomorrow with my goals for January. Oh yeah, I probably also need a post regarding how I did this past year! Not too bad. Could have been better but I'm also pretty proud of myself too. It really was a great year!!!

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