Friday, December 11, 2009


My struggling goes hand in hand with my lack of sleep. My daughter Taylor has been waking up like every hour crying, running down the hall. Ugh. I don't know what's up. But it's getting to me. Not sure if she is having growing pains. Dh said she was complaining about her legs last night. I remember going through this with Connor and having him end up in our bed. I'm not opposed to that (I'll get sleep!) but then I feel like Emily will wake up and wonder what is going on and feel left out. :shrug: Don't know. But when Heather doesn't sleep - Heather is NOT a happy camper. One more year and the girls will be able to communicate even more and then hopefully I won't have this problem.

Monday starts my Turbo Jam challenge. I guess I'm ready for it. Sort of. This lack of sleep thing is not doing good for wanting me to exercise but I WILL. Maybe that will give me some energy throughout the day because God knows I'm not getting energy by sleeping right now. :sigh:


Mandie said...

I'm sorry about poor Taylor waking you up in the middle of the night...several times (poor Heather too). I know first hand what it's like, Tucker is STILL doing it too. I will say that the exercise HELPS though. It gives me more energy for the days, even with the numerous times of getting up, and I'm sure the Turbo Jam will help yours too. I will be honest though and say that it doesn't happen right off. You'll be pooped and TIRED as all get out at least the first week, and possibly the 2nd. DON'T STOP or give up though!!! Keep on going, and the energy will come!!!!

Actual Scale said...

I feel for you!
My 2 y/o get growing pains at night sometimes & a combo of ibuprofen + cuddling seems to be the only thing that works. I have spent hours rubbing that little boy's legs! I feel so bad when they are going through that (dd did it, too) but feel worse in the morning when I have to run full steam ahead on little to no sleep. Coffee is not a sub for sleep! lol

Hope it settles down soon & you are able to get a few good nights of sleep - you'll feel so good after one or two nights. :)