Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Weigh-In!

Well, folks. It's that time of the week again. Time to step on that scale and see what the Gods had in store for me. And the answer is

Yahoo!! I'm in Virgin territory and I sticking there!!! =) That is also a 2.2 lb loss from last week. Yeah!!!! I'm back on track and ready to kick it! I wanted to end the year at 145. Can I still do it?? Maybe. I would have to lose 2.5 lbs a week for the next 3 weeks. We'll see.

I had some challenges this weekend. We had a housewarming party we went to on Saturday night. I never got to eat dinner before we went so I think I was ok. Then I had two pancakes on Sunday in which dh INSISTED on putting melted butter in the batter (he's trying to recreate the pancakes we get at this one restaurant). Ugh. But I used my sugar free syrup and just a little. We did eat at home for lunches all weekend which is unusual! =) So that was good. And last night we ordered pizza since I was busy decorating the tree with the kids. But all i ate was the salad we ordered and the kids crusts. Weird yes. I was going to eat a slice but then the kids didn't eat their crusts and that's the best part! So I didn't eat my slice and only ate their crust. =)

So I could have been much better this weekend but I think I did ok. Sunday will probably be hard since I am baking all day but I'm going to put a Chicken in the crockpot so I have no excuse for eating out that night. =) So I'm all set. Now hopefully I can stick to it!


Kyle Gershman said...

Congratulations! Very impressive considering the activities you are involved in with the build in temptations. You should be proud. Since I'm only ending week 3, I still try and avoid situations where eating poorly is a temptation...I'm sure I'll get to where the tempations won't matter since I'll be in total control!!! Happy Holidays.

Mandie said...

Congratulations on the AWESOME loss! WOOOHOOO! I'm so stoked for you! You are "inches" away from the 140's...and I'm holding my breath every week for ya!!

You did SO well this weekend...seriously! I can't believe you didn't eat any pizza, only the salad and crusts! WOWOW! Now that is willpower! I'm impressed, and know you are ROCKING!!

South Beach Steve said...

2.5 pounds a week will be tough, but can you do it? Certainly! You can do it!! That would be such a great way to end the year.