Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Goals

My 2010 goals!

1. Seriously, get to goal this year!!! (Shooting for 130 but we will evaluate!)
2. Journal EVERYDAY
3. Plan my meals at least weekly.
4. Work out 4 x's a week.
5. Use the Wii at least once a week.
6. Run 6 5ks.
7. Complete my Turbo Jam Challenge (ends 3/7/10) Then complete P90x.
8. Scrapbook the girls 1st year. (yes I'm behind!)
9. Scrapbook Connor's 2nd year.
10. Organize my house, one room each month.
  • January - My Bathroom
  • February - Dh's Bathroom
  • March - My Computer
  • April - Living Room
  • May - Laundry Room
  • June - Dining Room
  • July - Kitchen
  • August - Connor's Bedroom
  • September - Hallway/Foyer
  • October - Master Bedroom
  • November - Twins Bedroom
11. Take the kids to a new park each month.
12. Stay within my budget!! No more impulse buying. Ask myself 3 times if I NEED it before buying.

So there you have it. Those are my goals for 2010. I am really going to try hard to stick to it. I know I can and in the end, it will help me to be a healthier and happier person. These will also be my goals for the Perfect 10 Challenge. Check it out and join up like I did!!!


June said...

Sounds like you got a plan!

Mandie said...

Love your goals girl! I'm certain they will help make 2010 a GREAT year!

I see you joined a new challenge Perfect 10...hmmm....was thinking about it myself!!

South Beach Steve said...

The goals look great Heather! You are going to start 2010 off right, a Perfect 10!

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Great goals. I need to work on the impulse buying :S. I have gotten better than I used to be though!

Congrats again on kicking everyone's can in GAG. I should have your prize in the mail Friday. ♥