Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Am I Supposed to be able to do everything???

I am SO tired this morning. I did not end up eating dinner until almost 9pm last night. Got home, the kids were eating dinner. Dh decided he needed to go to urgent care because he sprained his ankle pretty bad the weekend we were camping and it still hurt like heck so he wanted to make sure he didn't break it. So he left. I did baths, got the kids ready for bed. Started cleaning up the kitchen. Put the girls to bed. Kept doing stuff in the kitchen. Put Connor to bed. Did laundry. Made dinner for tonight. Cut up cantaloupe for the week. Dh came home. Made him dinner. Finished up in the kitchen. Then heated up my leftovers and ate. By that time it was 8:45pm. Finished laundry. Got my clothes ready for today and by the time I was done it was almost 10pm. Shhesh!! Where am I supposed to find time to exercise?? I didn't even have to do lunches for the kids today because I bought it for them today. :sigh: I know there is this whole debate on working mom's and should we or shouldn't we. I have no problem working. I enjoy working. I am a better mother because I work (I can get centered and build up patience while at work!). But how I am still supposed to have a clean house, prepare food, have clean clothes, buy food, buy necessities for the house, etc etc etc??? And then STILL take care of me and my need to exercise? I know I've brought this up in the past and I will probably keep bringing it up. This will be an ever -going problem in my life. I guess I'm just supposed to deal right??


Christine said...

Eeep! That makes my head spin! But you gotta do what is right for you and I totally understand the needing to be centered thing.

You will find balance. And you are still doing great on your weight loss. I am still trying to catch up. ;)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

It's so hard with a family. And as a Mom, you want to make everything right for everyone. In my own life, I really had to "schedule" time for myself, but even then it didn't always work out!

Take care, it sounds like you have an overflowering plate!

Mandie said...

I could have written the same exact post. ((((huggs)))) We as women/mothers take on SO much, and then there never is any time for US. I totally feel your pain, and this is EXACTLY why I work out on my lunch hour. I know you can't do this...so here's a suggestion. What if you aim for 2 days/week waking up a little early to get 15 mins of exercise? I know I'm NOT a morning person...I only lasted 2 weeks doing this. BUT, if it were the only time I could, I'd MAKE myself. Last night I was working out at home at 10:30pm. I couldn't work out at lunch because of the tennis match I went to after work (needed to leave work early). Fortunately we had grilled cheese and soup (EASY) for dinner...but that was at 7pm. I MADE myself ... repeat...MADE MYSELF workout for 30 minutes, because I NEEDED it.

You need it to honey...and soon you will be able to configure your life so that you can do it too.

You're still doing fabulous though, so don't beat yourself up over this. Please. In due time it will come...I PROMISE!!!! ((((HUGGS))))

Actual Scale said...

As a SAHM, I have nothing but the utmost respect for moms who work & somehoe manage to juggle & balance all the aspects of their lives. I know how hectic my own life is between kids, house, homeschool, husband & my own stuff...I don't know where work would fit, but you find a way.

I agree with the others though - sometimes you just have to make the time for you.

I hope you find a way to balance your life to find time for *you*!

Best wishes,

Shelly said...

Wow your blog wore me out!LOL
No but really I am a sahm and I do really respect the mom's that go to work then take care of the house.Even though I stay home I still feel that there aren't enough hours in the day.So your doing great just keep it up

erinstartsliving said...

Just reading your post made me tired! Even though I am not a mother, I have soooo much respect for mothers and especially mothers that work. I can only imagine how hard it is not only taking care of yourself, but a whole family. Just try to remember that while you are a better mother because you work, you are also a better mother to your children when you healthy! They will be thankful that you worked in some healthy eating and exercise when you are around to see them have children! {{{{hugs}}}

Mrs. Sheila said...

Aww! I am sorry your struggling. I really am. I have so been there. For a long time in my journey daily exercise was a big deal, now.. I get it in when I can, often in my classroom! I make those little boogers move! LOL

Finding the right balance for you is what is important. I hope you are able to find that balance soon.

Hadley said...

Moms really, really are amazing. I don't know how to tell you to make extra hours in the day, all I can say is that my hat's off to you for all you do. Take time for yourself when you can, but at the end of the day, there are only 24 hours in the day and there's only so much one can do. Don't kill yourself over it.

Christine said...

I gave you a blog award. It's one of those survey things but if you have time stop by and read. Tnx! =)

MommyofSweetpea said...

Heather you really inspire me. You really do it all don't you! Great job on the weight. Can't wait to see how you look.