Friday, September 11, 2009

Annoyed . . . beyond annoyed

And so the saga continues. I have a feeling that I will be going to Verizon and getting two phones and then returning my iphones tomorrow. UGH!!! AT&T keeps telling me I cannot return the iphone to them even though it's within the 30 day period. I have to return to Apple. But Apple tells me they cannot exchange the phone unless they witness the problem (which is intermittent - i mean SHIT how intermittent is it that it is pissing my dh off. I mean seriously, this is INTERMITTENT!!) and that I have to take it back to the AT&T store to exchange. What the hell!!! Had I bought it at the apple store, then they could exchange it. You know what. I knew there was a reason that I didn't want to switch to AT&T. Thier customer service SUCKS. So we'll see what happens when I go down to the store tomorrow. Wish me luck but all I feel like doling right now is crying and drowning my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream. I'm NOT gonna do it though.

And this whole switching daycares is just a pain. I don't like change. DH HATES change. I think I need to think about making a permanent change for him because I'm really getting tired of all the "demands" he has but doesn't get off his lazy ass to do shit. I do have to say though after my little jaunt to the apple store, the dishes were done and Connor's clothes were washed, dryed and put away. SHOCK. I don't know why he didn't start his own laundry. But i'm home and he asks me did you have the apple guy make sure the software was updated? WHAT?!!? I had other problems on my mind about HIS FUCKING phone that I wasn't thinking about the software nor did the guy mention that would be a software people. He was like you were there why didn't you think of it. I so wanted to say if you have better ideas on how to handle it DO IT YOUR FUCKING SELF.

Ok, I'm really not a swearer. Although you would never know that by this post. So sorry for all this venting but it sure beats eating and getting fat. LOL!


Actual Scale said...

I'd much rather read rants then see you diving into a carton of ice cream & being miserable when you weigh in.

Vent away baby.

Hope you get the phone situation fixed!

Chupsie said...

ahaha! your hubby and mine would be best pals! they love driving us nuts! hehe! its all good though, we love them right? and the crap we go through for them...