Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Team Prancer - Go Team Prancer

Yahoo!!! As part of the GAG challenge this past week, whichever team lost the most weight got control over the teams. And guess what? That was Team Prancer!!! We ROCK guys!! Congrats. Of course, this now means we have a big decision to make. We get to move one team member off of Team Dasher. Those people are as follows:

Heather (jrmiss86)

and move then to either Team Vixon or Team Cupid. I think the easiest thing to do is for everyone to vote. Everyone put down two things: 1.) Who you think should be moved off of Team Dasher and 2.) Which team that person should move to. I'll take the votes and whoever gets the most votes moves! If you think of a better way, let me know. Please vote by Thursday night so I can e-mail Sheila on Friday!! THANKS EVERYONE!

Oh yeah, and to my team members - you better watch out! Because I'm NOT letting go of this captain position. K?? Come and take it from me. =D (A little healthy competition. I LOVE it!!


Actual Scale said...

Personally, I'd hate to break up teams while everyone is just starting to get to know each other.

But, I'm not a fan in general of that whole 'vote someone off' kind of thing. It doesn't seem very positive to me.

Hadley said...

Honestly, it's a really tough call to make. This isn't a game where there's strategy involved or can gain a competitive advantage. In essence, I think, that means there's no right or wrong choice.

It does seem like Sheila really does want someone to be moved because she's had the "you can move someone" thing two weeks in a row. I think it's correct and fair of her to want teams that are as even as possible.

So, I do think we should move someone because I think that's what Sheila wants.

However, I don't like picking someone out: what basis would we single someone out on?

The best, least hurt feelings way to do it, in my opinion, is to do it randomly.

There are 8 people on the list. Just number them down the list as 1 through 8. Then go to and generate a random number between 1 and 8. Whoever gets picked is the one who gets moved. Then just flip a coin to decide what team they end up on.

This way, we accomplish the task of moving someone, but we're not playing favorites (or least favorites, depending on if you think getting moved is good or bad).

Chupsie said...

I think Hadley has a great Idea, I dont know if I could choose, and not to mention that it might be unfair to choose vs weight/productivity ext. so I would go random


oh ps, I will get that team captain spot! just you wait and see! :)

Heather & Chaos said...

I like Hadley ideas too!! =) If everyone is in agreement, we'll do that. It sounds like I just need


to ok it.

I understand what you are saying Lynn but I also understand wanting the teams even which is why I think Hadley's idea is the best of both worlds.

Ok yeah and Chupsie - come and take it from me. ;)~p LOL!!

Christine said...

I think we should move Mrs. Sheila. I don't care where but she is the challenge leader so I think she wouldn't mind being the even-it-out-uprooted-person-thingy.

Just a suggestion. Anyone second it?

Christine said...

Seriously guys, Sheila to Vixon. I think it's better than random to random. And it's only week two so it's not a big deal to move someone. That's my vote.

Malavandria said...

I agree with the random choice. This isn't really a competition so we don't need to worry about giving someone an advantage. If we did it completely randomly, then the person selected would not feel like we singled them out for some reason.

Mrs. Sheila said...

Just piping in here ~ cause I felt the need to explain why "the move".

Your right ~ the teams really should be a bit even not only for numbers, but support!! Both teams have lost a member, and I feel really bad for both teams. It wasn't their choice, nor mine.

And trust me, no one will take it persnally! ( I will even offer myself if ya like ~ cause like Christine said ~ I am trying to check in with everyone at least every other week, and well... it doesn't matter to me! :) )

Shelly said...

I pick move Sheila since she says it's alright!We'll just bounce her all over this competition!LOL

Chupsie said...

ahaha shelly I think thats a great Idea, just keep moving mrs sheila all over the place! I vote for that! so I guess I will stand by my buddy christine, mrs sheila to vixon,,, any other takers?