Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today's Lunch

Is boring! It's just the end of the insides left over from my pita's the other night. And some chips (that were measured out!). Yeah! I am very proud of myself this week if I do say so myself. I forgot my drink at home (or i should say I forgot to get one from the outside fridge in the garage since there were none in the house) so no soda today. But I do have some of those crystal light packets to put in your water bottle, hence the dark looking water. LOL! =)


Hadley said...

I'm so happy I get to be on a team with you, Heather! Even if it might seem boring, I bet the Pita insides were pretty delicious.

Mandie said...

I know you're proud of you, but I HAD to tell you I'm SUPER proud of you too!!! Keep it up girlie :)