Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Why does life have to get in the way?? I've barely eaten 1000 calories today and that is not like me. I'm still "upset" about the first week at preschool. Doesn't help that I was told by dh that the girls were "emotional" today. Great. Even Connor said they were crying but they calmed themselves down. They had a jumper at school today and Connor said he and Taylor went in but not Emily. Emily even confirmed this. How funny is that. LOL. Anyway, but between that and then dh wants to return his iphone because the internet is intermittent but I'M going to have to do it because it's under my name but he won't get off his ass and call and ask if he can or if the store even has anymore iphones in stock right now. No instead, he'll wait until I'm done putting Connor to bed. UGH!! Can you tell I needed to vent??? It pisses me off that he can't get off his lazy ass and do something as simple as calling the FUCKING at&t store. Is that too much to ask when I have to make lunches, cook dinner, do dishes and crap, I need to go put the laundry in the dryer. Be back. Not to mention I have to set out all the kids clothes. When dh got this new job what did I get out of it??? Nothing but more work and it pisses me off!

Ok, some of this ranting might be hormonal. Af just started. Sweet. Not. Whatever. Oh well. I'll hopefully be back to normal after this weekend. But I WILL stay OP and stay within my calories. I will NOT let this mood derail me.


Fat Chick said...

{{{big hug}}} Sorry you're having a bad day. :( I was having one too this morning. Actually told my assistant when she walked in "I'm in a crappy mood so forgive me now -- if I snap at you tell me to shut up". :)

Hope your week gets better. :)

Mrs. Sheila said...

Sorry your having a rough week. I get the whole "just help" thing.. really I do. I wonder if all mom's of multiples struggle too? I always thought it was just me. My kids are older ( I think) and I have gone through those crazy days of them all needing every ounce of me. Now my oldest is 10 and the twins are 7 and it is a bit easier. It would be nice for help though.

Annalisa201 said...

HERE YOU ARE! LOL sorry... it's late :)

As for letting the mood derail you, we are mum's. Of course it won't derail us, and in fact a bad mood probably won't even slow you down. That's what mum's are here for... to take others crap and turn it into fuel to get the world spinning in the right direction, especially when a certain nameless someone else is headed the wrong way :) You know what I mean. All mum's are super mum's. Just take comfort that he really does appreciate your hard work. If you're not so sure about that, just ask him. He'll tell you. It's just that men are a little slow unless it's layed out in front of them and they're prodded at least 10000000 times.

Anyway, Good LUCK! Hope you get feeling better.

Hadley said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Preschool will get better for the kids: it's tough to adjust sometimes, but they'll do great.

Try talking with your hubby about what's going on and how tired you are and why. Sometimes, people forget these things: I've found just talking to someone can solve 90% of problems.

That said, don't be afraid to come here and rant! It's what blogs are fore. Here's to hoping things get better for you.

Actual Scale said...

Oh can I feel your pain over a husband & his phone.
We just went through...4 phones within a week because of Sprint replacing his faulty one with ones that wouldn't work. I swear that every non-work moment was spent with him thinking about the phone, talking about the phone or on the phone with Sprint. I wanted to, wait, I did a few times. lol

Glad you have a place to vent. It really helps sometimes.

I hope y'all got the phone issue worked out & that school was going smoothly for everyone by the end of the week.

Enjoy the weekend,