Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lunch Picture

So today's lunch was leftover insides of the pita (i know sounds gross!). And a Mac-N-Cheese cup. I had to eat the Mac-N-Cheese because as part of me being a 100 panel reviewer for I got it to eat and review. WOO HOO! It was actually delicious I might add. Better than the instant packets I've had in the past. I would say this was right up there with actually making a full box! Well enjoy the pic!


Hayley said...

Look at you takin' pictures of your lunch and all.....WTG!!!
Keep it up.....I have 300 calories left today, and it's only 4:30pm, and we are planning on eating at Dairy Queen tonight........I'm afraid.....I'm very afraid!!!

erinstartsliving said...

i am craving some mac and cheese. i have some annies pasta i might have to dig into tonight. today i had the fish that you had yesterday and i thought it was yummo!