Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ending the Year with a BANG - 100 (well now 99) days left

I logged on today and saw a couple of my fellow GAG'ers referring to some 100 days left challenge. First, what the heck happened to 2009??? Can anybody tell me?? I was supposed to be to goal by now, then by the end of the year now it won't happen (but I'm gonna get CLOSE!). There are only 99 days left today. Well, Steve at logmyloss is challenging us to make these last 100 days a success! And even though I'm a day late, I'm going to TAKE that challenge!!! So the rules:

  1. You have to come up with some goals.
  2. You have to publish those goals.
  3. You have to give a status follow-up on those goals at least every ten days.
I can do that! So here are my goals:

  1. I will stay between 1200 - 1600 calories each day.
  2. I will journal my food every day.
  3. I will exercise 3xs a week. Even if it's only a 15 min walk.
I think that is a good base to get me through the end of the year. Especially the exercise thing. I'm having a hard time fitting it in but I WILL. No matter what. Even if I have to start taking my break at work and walking around the block - I can do it! Anybody else want to join in???


Hadley said...

Oh yay I'm glad you're joining the challenge! It really does seem like 2009 just flew by.

Those sound like great goals! Good luck!

Mandie said...

Awesome Heather! I think it's fantastic you're doing this challenge, because it'll totally keep you on track!!! GREAT GOALS!

Oh, and yeah, 2009 FLEW by! I'm still in denial though... ARGH!