Monday, September 28, 2009

GAG Challenge - Week 4

Whew! This week's challenge isn't hard but it is time consuming and makes you think! It's a 3 part challenge with multiple items for part #2. I know Sheila said we didn't have to post it on our website, we HAVE to e-mail her but I'd like to get everything together for me. =)

#1 - Survey

Week 4 Challenge Survey - DONE

#2 - Christmas Planning (serisouly?? It's like only 13 week away! YIKES!)
  • Christmas Card List (Thanks Shiela! I do this normally but you spurred me to make an excel file that i quickly update every year! YEAH! Now to just take pics for the card - scheduled for Oct. 24th)
  • Christmas Gift List (I had already started this but I updated based on some stuff I recently bought.)
  • Christmas Get Together - Never got a chance to post my idea. Oh well.
#3 - Soup/Stew/Casserole Recip - Shared my Crockpot Taco Stew - DONE

WOO HOO!! It's all out to you Sheila! Have fun going through all the e-mails. LOL!


Mandie said...

Way to go Heather!!!! I love getting some of this stuff started early...sure helps the upcoming weeks/months!!!!

erinstartsliving said...

Congrats on getting organized and things ready for the holidays! I'm sure in a few months I'll appreciate Sheila when I dig out my christmas card list!