Friday, September 04, 2009


Was another sweeping success!! Sorry no dinner picture. TOTALLY forgot! Woops! But I have to toot my own horn. I get home last night and dh is like what's for dinner. So I point to the calendar posted on the fridge and say stouffer's meal. He says how about Jamba Juice and a wrap. I'm like ok (thinking I will have to wait until after the kids baths and I am starving!). So I said fine while getting the skillet meal out of the freezer. He's like are you still going to have that? I'm like yeah. He's all fine. I'll have that too. So as a "peace" maker, I made him a salad with it. But yeah!! Heather 1 Dh 0!!! =)

I even made it to the gym last night even though I DID NOT WANT TO GO. I was so hot. This weather SUCKS. Anyway, I was on the treadmill for 40 mins. Yahoo! I tried to do 4- 5 min runs but succeeded in doing 2-5 min run, 1-3 min run and then a final 5 min run where I pushed myself for the last minute at a faster past. I was dripping sweat. I felt sorry for the people next to me. LOL! I won't be able to hit up the gym this weekend. Too too busy. Tonight I am planning on hitting up Kohl's. Major deals and I need a birthday present. Tomorrow is the "dreaded" (not really) 1st birthday party for my niece. Sunday we are going to a friends house to hang out. No BBQ but will probably order pizza. Oh, maybe I'll bring a Salad. Hmmm. Monday will be recouperating at home I'm sure!

I'm working on  my meal plan for next week. Gotta plan! That's the only way to survive!!

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Hadley said...

Way to go on going to the gym even though you didn't want to! That takes a ton of strength, so go you for following through.

Sorry to hear about the nasty weather. It's been shockingly nice in DC these past few days, we must've given you our standard icky weather.

Enjoy your long weekend!