Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Review - Wally the Walking Fish Meets Madison and Cooper

Wally the Walking Fish by Gary Lamit could be a really cute book. My 3 1/2 year old son liked the story and asks to have it read to him again. I liked this book because it included different facts about some of the animals we meet along the way while Madison and Cooper go fishing. The dialogue in the book is confusing. The first time I read it, I couldn't tell who was talking. The book is basically written like a script but with no names to tell who is saying what. Once you read through it once, you can figure it out but it was a little bit of turn off at first. Once I got past that and was able to understand who was saying what, it's actually a cute story that you can read to your child and make different voices for the different characters. The illustrations in this book are very good and my son liked looking at the different antics of the characters and asking what they were doing. Overall, a cute book with some fun facts thrown in which make it worthwhile.


I was contacted by the author (see his comment below) and he has since updated his book based on some reviewers having the same problem understanding who was saying what. So now there are character id's for all dialogue. Based on the updated book, I do highly recommend this book now. I really liked that he had the different facts interspersed throughout the book about the different animals they meet so it's fun and informative all at the same time. Plus my son asks to read this book all the time. =)

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Gary Lamit said...

Hello to all,

Please see: http://www.walkingfishbooks.com/Wally-new_version-1.pdf

for a sample page.

Wally the Walking Fish was revised about a month ago ago- identifiers before each character as per a few reviews. All printed copies reflect this change. See link above.

I hope you like the book.
Madison-- Cooper, I got a fish!

Cooper-- Can I eat it?

Madison-- Coop, you know I always catch and release!

Cooper-- Grumble-mumble-grumble… Not me!

Madison-- Keep your hungry chops away from him Cooper, and stop drooling!

Cooper-- Grumble-mumble-grumble… Okay! Okay!