Monday, September 28, 2009

What a Weekend

:sigh: And it wasn't a good weekend. At least not eating wise. What is UP! Well I think I know what triggered it. Twinkies. Damn 100 calorie pack Twinkies. NOT WORTH IT FOR ME. :sigh: It's just tickles that feeling. Makes me want more. And I cave in. And then I want to eat more of other things to get the sweetness out. Actually, you know what? I think I need to get rid of all sugar. No cookies, no twinkies, no nothing. Maybe chocolate. I was able to eat one chocolate covered macademia nut and be ok. It satistified that sweet tooth. But from now on (and this what I had been doing all week), I eat a fruit when I feel like something sweet. That satisfied it. You want to know how this downhill started?? On friday at work we got an e-mail they were giving away free Quizno boxed lunches. Sandwich, chips, cookie and soda. So my coworker and I went down and got one of the last boxes available. The cool - there were BAKED lays inside! The bad - there was a cookie. And I ate it. And it was delicious. And THAT is what set me off. Ruined me for the whole weekend.

The good that came out of this weekend?? I journaled EVERY LAST BITE. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were not pretty, but it's there. It's in sparkpeople for everyone to see.  And I learned. Sugar sets me off. I should know this. I can say no. I have said no. I will say no. Once I say yes, it's all over. I will not let that happen again.

Damage - so far NONE. I weighed in this morning and I'm the SAME as last week. Holding steady at 166.2. I"LL TAKE IT!!! Whew. Now time to start a new streak. I lasted 24 days. I want to go to 30 this time. I will. I need to start getting some exercise in. I have my next 5K in 3 weeks. I CAN train for it. I will train for it. We have a camping trip in the mix during that time but I have to do this. This week is low key so I can get some exercise in. Next week I will force myself.  But I will. Back to the drawing board.

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Mandie said...

Argh! I KNOW this feeling all too well. This is the last thing I wanted to read :( So sorry about your struggle. And you know, when I was eating the cookies I did this weekend, I kept thinking of you. We REALLY should practice the whole calling each other bit!

So yeah, I'm totally with you on the NO SUGAR bit! It triggers me every time. Those 100 calorie things are EVIL! Like you, all they do is make me want more, and more .... so it's just not worth it. Let's focus this week on NO sugar. We can do it!!

You're still my motivation girl, and I KNOW you'll get 30 days in...and I'm RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!! Yay on the no gain...that's fabulous. Sorry that there wasn't a loss, but like we say...better than a gain! You'll do better next week! (((((huggs))))))