Thursday, September 17, 2009

Team Prancer - Final Say!

Ok guys! Final say on what we are going to do before I have to e-mail Shiela tomorrow. This is where it stands:

1.) Move someone randomly

2.) Move Shiela to Team Vixon

So far I have the following votes:

1.) Hadley, Heather, Mary

2.) Christine, Shelly, Chupsie

Lynn did not say one way or the other since she really was the first to weigh in (no pun intended!) on the discussion. So Lynn you are the tie-breaker unless someone else wants to change their vote. Please let me know TODAY! Thanks guys!!


Ok now that Hadley changed her vote, no matter what Lynn says, it would still be Choice #2, so we are going with moving Sheila to Team Vixon. I'll e-mail her and let her know! Thanks guys! Let's be #1 again next week!!


Christine said...

My vote is still on option two.

Hadley said...

Oh, I'd actually like to move my vote to option 2. Sheila's said she won't mind being uprooted, so I'd prefer definitely not upsetting someone over moving a random person who may or may not be attached to their team and may or may not want to leave.

Normally I'd think random was the fairest, but since we have a volunteer in our fearless leader, I'd say we go ahead and move her.

Shelly said...

I still like option 2

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Hey fellow GAGer,

Just checking out how you're doing... and you're doing great! And thanks for giving us Sheila! We need another member to keep us afloat with the team weigh-ins.

Don't forget about our current 365-mile Challenge... please see my my current blog for official rules:

Keep it up!

Kalena said...

WHEW! I was totally nervous about ya'll moving me from my gals! I'll still miss Sheila though... good job this week guys!

Chupsie said...

team captain says be number 1 so we shall be number 1! GO TEAM PRANCER!!!! lets see what we can do as a team to walk the most!

Dana ( said...

We are sad to lose Shelia but it's okay. This is turning out to be a fun challenge!